About us

Our far.

Vuna Agri is an agricultural supply company based in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal. Our mission is to help growers and farmers across South Africa create healthy, resilient and sustainable agro-ecosystems for their plants and animals to thrive in.

Vuna Agri exists to let goodness thrive. This vision is central to three core beliefs that drive our business and the support and products we offer to our customers. We believe in:‚Äč

  • Creating and contributing to a better agro-ecosystem that is free from agro-chemicals and additives that are harmful to people and the environment;
  • Production and growing practices that focus on sustainability and that build resilient plants, crops and animals that thrive; and
  • Connecting 'FORK' to 'FARM' to continuously improve on current methods of sustainable food production.

Vuna Agri-Shop is our online, retail platform where you can order the products you need from the convenience of your 

Our customers include gardeners, urban growers, landscapers and farmers across in South Africa. We help our customers by combining our technical skills in agriculture and agribusiness with innovative products and growing methods in a way that best serves their needs and goals. Our product range and offering is specifically and deliberately biologically-focused, combining naturally occurring compounds with complementary methods of production.

Our current product range consists of:

  • Inoculants and soil conditioners to boost soil and plant health;
  • Non-GMO crop seed (high performing maize and dry beans);
  • Plant nutrients that optimize yields;
  • Biostimulants that improve yields, address deficiencies and improve tolerance to stress;
  • Plant protection products to protect plants and crops from pests and disease; and
  • Livestock supplements including seaweed based mineral blocks and gut probiotics.

We're glad you came and we hope you find the products you need to help your plants, crops or animals thrive!