Seaweed-based mineral blocks

Unrivalled nutrition from the ocean.

Our seaweed-based livestock mineral blocks for cattle, sheep and horses are expertly manufactured by Shamrock Farm Enterprises located in Ireland.

Seaweed is an unrivalled multi-supplement that delivers a blend of natural nutrients that can address deficiencies from soils or feed. Seaweed contains over 60 minerals, and trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, natural bio active hormones, growth factors and anti-oxidants. The ocean contains a constant reservoir of micro nutrients that are absorbed by seaweed and stored within the algae in a protected, colloidal state. This colloidal structure means that 98% of all the micro nutrients are absorbed in the animal allowing them to fulfil their diverse range of functions.

Seaweed, in particular Ascophyllum nodosum, has three key benefits to livestock:

  • It addresses nutrient deficiencies in livestock through the provision of minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed for optimum performance;
  • It promotes a healthy gut that stimulates the formation of digestive enzymes that promote better nutrient absorption and growth of beneficial bacteria; and
  • It enhances the immune system and boosts animal fertility.

The Shamrock Farm Enterprise mineral blocks also include a rumen buffer, Lithothamnium calcareum. This is a red algae that breaks down slowly in the rumen and has 2.5 times the buffering capacity of Sodium Bicarbonate. In cattle it is known to bring the pH of the rumen back to 6.3 sooner after eating and neutralises acid over a longer period of time. This action improves fibre digestion resulting in improved performance.