Soil conditioners

Soil health is the key to a profitable enterprise.

Our range of soil conditioners are carefully selected and sourced and are designed to stimulate beneficial microbial activity, maximize nutrient availability to the plant and help to detoxify soils.

In our view, investing in your soil is by far the cheapest way to improve yields, profits and achieve long-term sustainability.

Soil conditioners we proudly supply to growers, farmers and gardeners include:

  • Humates in granular, powdered and liquid form (we supply the range of Ultra Humate products)
  • Fulvates in granular, powdered and liquid form (including premium Fulvic Acid Liquid);
  • VitaSoil™ - a high carbon content formulation inoculated with a diverse range of beneficial microbes; and
  • Xcell Terra - a liquid soil conditioning growth stimulant, specifically designed to improve soil and growth conditions.