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This small VitaSoil™ pack is perfect for seedbed preparation in your garden, for reducing stress and boosting growth during transplanting and for giving overworked soils an extreme makeover!   

VitaSoil™ is a high carbon content formulation inoculated with a diverse range of beneficial microbes. The carbon sources used in this formulation is equally divided between “active” or microbial digestible and “stable” or non-digestible forms of carbon. VitaSoil™ contains a balanced mix of active and stable carbon. The active portion is regarded as the microbial food source component and the stable portion as the habitat often compared to the reefs in the sea where fish can safely survive. 

The key benfits of Vitasoil include: 

  1. It improves soil water retention and water balancing i.e. increases the water holding capacity of sandy soils and reduces water logging in clay soils. This saves valuable water;
  2. It improves soil heath through the support of beneficial soil microbes. Increased microbial activity reduces dependency on external inputs and fertilisers over time;
  3. It improves the availability of soil nutrients by storing nutrients during times of high concentration (e.g. when fertilising) and slow-releasing them later; and
  4. It delivers a “liming” function in the soil.

Application instructions:

Veggie garden: Mix in 500 ml per square metre with topsoil at planting.

New plants: Apply 250 ml around root zone when planting.

Lawn: Apply 500 ml per square metre as a topdressing

Pot plants: It varies depending on the size. A handful into a five litre pot would be plenty to make a difference. 

Always give your plants an initial good watering after using Microbial Carbon. Theres no need to re-apply and it wont burn your plants.